Saturday, January 8, 2011

Days 189 - 190

I bought a corset, almost 30kg ago, to wear to metal shows and I never wore it because I thought it made me look thick.

This is a cautionary tale.

You can ask me anything.


  1. If this picture is 30 kilos ago then it does...
    Somethings just arent meant for some people body types though.

  2. does it give good cleavage??? ;)

  3. Anon:
    1) This photo was taken last night. Other photos within the blog show me at previous weights.
    2) The purpose of this blog is not for me to seek feedback from readers on outfits. The corset does not 'make' me look thick at my current weight, I 'am' thick at my current weight.
    3) 'Somethings just aren't meant for some people(sic) body types though' sounds well intentioned enough but I strongly disagree.
    4) Fat girls can and should wear whatever they want.

  4. They can! Anyone can wear what they want, if they're prepared to cop the critism on the chin then more power to them!

  5. I think you're on the wrong blog, sweetie.

  6. I think you're either extremely confident, or extremely oblivious. Either way more power to you. I get what you're saying. But I also think that double stomachs and camel toes are only acceptable for people who are unable to dress themselves.

  7. I also bought a corset...some 20kg was great... I didn't wear it out of my bedroom but much fun was had with it. I tried it on again last week (after fishing it out of the very back of my cupboard) and found I had to re-lace it, tighten them all up to make it fit. I was so happy, it really showed me how far I've come.

    We fat chicks can and WILL wear whatever we want, whatever we feel comfortable in and whatever we feel we look good in. I'm not saying that our own judgement of what looks good on us matches "society's" view on the matter, but I for one couldn't give a toss what "society" thinks. "They" were the brilliant minds that got it into all of YOUR heads that anorexic girls, who ARE actually killing themselves, are sexy. Society can go disappear behind my massive fat ass. "They" are the worlds bane, not fat chicks.

  8. 'But I also think that double stomachs and camel toes are only acceptable for people who are unable to dress themselves.'

    My double stomach and my camel toes are frankly, no one's business. Not acceptable? How could someone else's body be 'not acceptable'. It's a body. It has a job. Its fundamental purpose does not include 'Being Aesthetically Pleasing to Anon'.

    Or you know, you could move into my house and approve all my outfits before I leave the house. If you want to be able to do it for all fat people you'd best acquire Santa Claus like powers.

  9. I believe it's a little thing called presentation. Most people have it and if they don't we have names for them in your "society". You're probably guilty of judging people yourself. Read people of walmart?

  10. The fundamental difference between you and I, I think, is that you have no qualms giving yourself licence to judge all sorts of people. I don't think that's useful to anyone. That's why I lost interest in you.