Friday, November 26, 2010

Days 138 - 147

I need to do washing.

So all my feelgood clothes are smelly.

So I wore a blue silky shirt with an elasticised hem and flippy floaty cap sleeves that I generally think of as too girlie and skinny black jeans with buckled sandals.

On the way up to telephone advice I always check myself out in the reflective window next to the stairs. It’s a few metres away so I get a sense of what I look like to someone a ways away from me, I turn and walk up the stairs so I can appreciate a few angles.

I noted that with a cardi on I did not like my outfit. But I also realised that the main standard by which I seem to judge an outfit when I do this each day is it’s ability to emphasise my waist. I have a waist. I can emphasise it. This pleased me.

But today’s shirt is a bit billowy and I feel boxy.

But then walking back into the office I get a completely front on reflection from the office door. Without the cardi, I decided that I like how my hips look in these jeans even though I have not become completely accustomed to skinnies. I also decided that while I do look a tad boxy I feel that it’s a hip shouldery boxy.

Now I feel good.

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